Race Promo Codes and Running Gear Discounts

Thanks to BibRave, I can totally offer y’all a bunch of discounts on race entry fees all over the country, as well as some pretty steep discounts on running gear.

Remember, these deals and discounts change over the course of the year as new sponsors and discounts get added, so you should absolutely come back to see what new goodies get put in.

Race Discounts

One of the really cool things that being a BibRave Pro is that I can get all sorts of discounts on some pretty cool races. From the Rock ‘n’ Roll series to Hot Chocolate and pretty much everything in between, you really don’t have any reason to pay full price for a race. You’re welcome.

The list gets updated periodically as new races are added, too, so don’t forget to check in occasionally.

Running Gear Discounts

Like the race discounts, we partner with a bunch of awesome companies to get you discounts on your swag. As new partners join the ranks, more discount codes and goodies get added.

And you know what more discounts means, right?

Yep, more awesome running gear you can buy. Oh yeah…

Want Even More RunningShoes.TV and BibRave Goodies?

Every Tuesday night at 8:00pm central time, we get together for a Twitter chat using the hashtag #bibchat.

We usually have a sponsor giving away free swag, and I can’t even tell you how many friends and contacts I’ve made just by gushing about how much I love running
Hope you enjoy, rungeeks!